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Bug sculpture trail and a crime scene in year 3

This week started of with year 3 discovering a terrible crime in our classroom! An awful mess was left and taped off. We found what appeared to be items belonging to a granny, some paw prints and a threatening letter from a woodcutter!



Carefully we bagged all the evidence and then created a list of evidence. After that we took our own fingerprints to discount ourselves as suspects and learnt about how fingerprints can be used to help solve crimes.




Next we created reports explaining what we think happened and how we intend to solve the crime. Our current theories are:

a) A wolf kidnapped Granny because paw prints were found at the scene of the crime

b) The woodcutter kidnapped Granny because she owes him £2000 for chopping down her trees.

c) Granny has faked her kidnapping to avoid paying the woodcutter.


Hopefully the suspects will be caught soon so we can interview them and decide who is the guilty party.


Then later on in the week on Friday we were very lucky to work with Lorraine an artist from Stroud to make recyclable sculptures which will be used in the bug and sculpture trail around church place on Saturday 10th June and Sunday 11th June. The children worked exceptionally hard and produced some beautiful work to be very proud of! We are currently creating some posters to advertise this event so they will be coming home to you soon!





All Star Cricket

Today we were very lucky to have a visit from Graham from all star cricket. He showed us a game called nutcracker where we had to try and get the ball through each others legs whilst the other person had to try and stop it by catching it. Then we practised our aiming and throwing by working in small teams and trying to hit the wickets. After that we played some mini cricket games.


All the children really enjoyed themselves and we have sent some letters home today all about cricket clubs in your area, so if your child would like to join a cricket club in your local area please feel free to ask in school for any more information.






Green fingered gardeners!

In science for the last week we have been conducting experiments all about plants. We looked at how much water a plant would need each day in order to be healthy. This week we all got given mystery seeds to plant. We decided what type of soil to use, how much water to give out seeds each day, what fertilizer to use and where to place the plant. Hopefully we will start to see little seedlings soon!





In PE we have also been practising our partner balances. Have a look at some of our work from last week...



Spring rolls for springtime

This week we have been on a taste adventure to the Orient! This week we got a postcard from our friend Jing who told us all about spring rolls. In the eastern Jin dynasty spring rolls were first made using a thin pastry like filo pastry but they were often filled with sweet treats inside and were called ‘spring dish’ as they were traditionally made during the spring. Later on in the Tang dynasty the dish changed to become a savoury cuisine and was known as the ‘five spice dish’ as they were seasoned using five spice. The snack was so popular it was often found within the imperial court.

Just like the people of ancient and modern China we had a go at making some ourselves.


First we tried some example spring rolls and dips Jing had sent us and talked about the things we liked and disliked that would help us choose the ingredients to go inside our own spring rolls. Lots of people liked the chicken spring roll but some people found the vegetable spring roll a little spicy.



After our taste test we designed our own spring rolls and set to task making them. We prepared vegetables including: beansprouts, Chinese cabbage, grated carrot, pak choi, mushrooms and peppers to go inside our filo pastry.




Once they were all cooked in soy sauce, garlic and ginger we selected the ingredients to go inside our own spring rolls. We then wrapped the pastry up tightly into a cylinder shape and baked them in the oven before enjoying our Chinese snack.





Purim and Glockenspiels!

Last week we were very lucky to receive a visit from Rabbi Anna. She taught us all about the Jewish festival of Purim. The festival comes from a tale in the Torah and in the Bible about Queen Esther. She was very brave and stood up for her people (the Jews) when they were being persecuted by the evil Haman who was the King’s prime minister. Haman wanted all of the Jews to be killed because Mordechai (Esther’s uncle) would not bow down to Haman as he only bowed before God. Haman was cross about this so he asked the King to kill all Jews. He pulled lots and chose the 14th Adar as the date to kill all of the Jews. When Queen Esther heard about this she prayed and fasted for three days before asking the King to change this law. The King was horrified he had ordered for his wife to be killed and immediately changed the law. The 14th Adar now became the day of Purim where Jews could celebrate and have a big festival. They make groggors (noise makers) to shake any time Haman’s name is mentioned when people tell the story and eat hamantashen (tiny jam filled biscuits) which means Haman’s pockets in Yiddish.


Then we talked about how Esther had faith and stood up for the things she believed in. We discussed what right and responsibilities were important to us and made a spider’s web to show all the things we would stand up for like Esther.


In music we learnt how to play a new instrument called a glockenspiel. We learnt some new rhythms which we played on top of our drum groves so we were simultaneously playing two percussive rhythms at once!




Next time maybe we can video some of our rhythms for you!

Next week we will be very busy little chef's and are making spring rolls in our topic lesson all about China and it's culture so pop back soon to see pictures of our masterpieces!

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